*Color-Suzanne-800ThetaHealing® (trademark by Nature Path, Inc.), founded by Vianna Stibal, is a technique that teaches how to put to use our natural intuition, relying upon unconditional love of Creator Of All That Is to do the actual “work”. Vianna’s main Theta Healing® website is ThetaHealing.com We believe by changing your brain wave cycle to include the “Theta” state, you can actually watch the Creator Of All That Is create instantaneous physical and emo  I aional healing.

My name is Suzanne Roloff and I hold a Certificate of Science in Theta Healing. Would you like to create miracles in your life? Try a Theta Healing Session to heal any area of your life. Clear limiting beliefs that are keeping you stuck in patterns that no longer serve you and replace them with positive feelings and beliefs.

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All information regarding classes, sessions, payments, etc., for Arizona are at this main Arizona site Theta Healing Arizona.

2015 Sedona Thetahealing Classes!

I live in the beautiful, magical city of  Sedona, and teach Thetahealing classes here year round.  I  have my house where I will be offering Thetahealing classes.  Below are the classes I will be offering in Sedona this winter and spring.

Feb. 7th-8th Dig Deeper Class
Feb. 9th-10th Family Ties Class
Feb. 12th-16th World Relations Class

Feb. 18th Access Consciousness Bars 1 day Class (not Thetahealing)

Feb. 27th-March 1st Basic Thetahealing Class
March 4th-6th Advanced Thetahealing Class
March 7th-8th Manifesting and Abundance Class
March 10th-12th Game of Life
Take all 3 for 8 day power class or all 4 for 11 day power class and save!

April 6th-7th Family Ties
April 8th-9th  Dig Deeper
April 11th-14th  Planes of Existence
April 16th-20th World Relations
Take the 3 news classes together and save, add World Relations and save even more!

Prices are all on www.thetahealingarizona.net

April 25 Access Bars 1 Day Class

May Classes I will be teaching in Phoenix and you can see those at www.thetahealingarizona.net


“Thanks again for the Intuitive Anatomy Class. You are the perfect teacher for this class. You were so grounded, compassionate, and nurturing as our many “issues” came up but still made sure we learned how to heal ourselves! I’m also so glad we ended with the animal communication class! So fun! A great way to end our time together. I hope to be able to do more classes with you in Sedona in the future. :-) Definitely keep me posted on your schedule…and might I suggest you teach something in New York City???”
Vikki, New York City